some places we've visited so far

  • maui, hawaii
    The day we got home, we started saving for our next trip. See my blog entry
  • antalya, turkey
    I miss hearing the call to prayer before sunrise every morning, the sunshine and the small winding roads in the old city. But I don't miss the olives for breakfast. See my blog entry
  • helsinki
    The cruise from Stockholm was the highlight. Breathtaking, really. We found Helsinki to be down-to-earth, friendly and a just-right size. See my blog entry
  • london
    Why on Earth did it take me so long to visit London?! Rivals Paris for best city in Europe. Avoid Oxford Street and Covent Garden, and head to Chelsea and Holborn. See my blog entry
  • paris
    It was my third trip to Paris, but our first while living in Sweden. And, more significantly, our first with a baby in tow. Metro ≠ baby friendly. Centre Pompidou = 10x more fun with a little one. See my blog entry.
  • bergen and oslo, norway
    Think Colorado. Flooded. Oslo is a refreshing little city and the fjords offered beautiful views in all directions. Not love, love. But definitely like, like. See my blog entry.
  • prague, czech republic
    Yes, it has beautiful architecture. But no soul. Skip it and go to Budapest instead.
  • berlin, germany
    We only spent a night here, but I could tell immediately that this was a city I could live in. Hope we can get back there sometime soon. Loved the new architecture, friendly people and the gigantic, wooded park.
  • tavira, portugal
    A great place to relax, see endless fields of daisies, drink sangria and be surrounded by the smell of orange blossoms. See my blog entry.
  • amsterdam and delft
    Amsterdam was one of our favorite European cities and Delft is a little gem you wish you could fit in your pocket and take home. Loved the individual style and easy-going nature of the people. See my blog entry.
  • budapest
    Hurry, it's already been discovered. Wonderful cheap food and an outdoorsy mentality. See my blog entry.
  • dalarna, sweden
    Reminds us of home. Really relaxing and laid back. See my blog entry.
  • hong kong and tai pei
    Super friendly people and so romantic. See my blog entry.
  • nice
    Loved Villefranche and the whole area east of Nice. See my blog entry.
  • barcelona
    Loved the tapas and eating paella on the beach. See my blog entry.

about me

  • In November 2005, my husband and I moved to Älmhult, Sweden, for my dream job. Five years later, our little family of three moved back. Except, back turned out to be a brand new place called Portland.

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January 03, 2009


I am sooooo glad you guys made it to Paris! I've been checking in to see what happened next! And btw, you NEED to buy an expensive item of clothing while you're in Paris. It's absolutely mandatory.

Wow! It looks like that was an awesome trip. I hope we can take our baby on cool trips like this. Sophie is so well behaved -- you guys make it look easy!

Hello there! No, I'm not spam, so bear with me.

I am Paddy, and I am arranging a blog carnival for expatriates. I found your blog in the usual way, by scouring the web and picking out ones I liked the look of.

If you didn't know, a blog carnival is sort of a reader's digest of blog articles on a specific topic. It's just a regular blog article, hosted by different people every time, with links to lots of other articles, and it's a great way to get hits and find out about other blogs and other bloggers.

I am Irish myself and live in Sweden. My blog is here:

If you want to have your blog highlighted in the blog carnival (and let's face it, who doesn't like that) then just send me a mail with a little info and a link to a representative blog entry of yours. Have a look at my latest blog entry for an idea of what we are after and the mail address.

Thanks for reading (if you did indeed read this far) and I hope to hear from you.

/ paddy

I just found your sweet blog. Very nice. I had to smile, Älmhult. The word just means one thing to me :) Well, I can only say thank Heavens for them or else I don't know where else I would buy my napkins or candles here in Italy. I am happy you got out a bit during the Dark Time and visited Paris. Your little one is adorable. I will come back and visit to read about your life in Smaland. I do love Sweden and know it is the exact opposite of what I have here. I especially love Skanar (I don't have one of those little o things for Skanar) during midsommar (duh).... Have a lovely January...

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